Current location: Election 2010


1.     Musa Yagub – poet, Head of the Foundation for Protection of the Freedom of Expression

2.     Afar Isa Afandiev – Ph.D. on medical sciences, professor

4.     Rafael Vahid Taghizadeh – Senior advisor of the culture and tourism department of Shamakhi



The Address of the candidate Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac to the electorate from Shamakhi Constituency number 85 standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dear electorate,

I extend my request to pay a dicreet attention to my address with regard to the future of Shamakhi region which concerns all of us. We all know that there are problems in Shamakhi and they should be urgently tackled. Once you demand solution of these problems, you simply demand your own right. It is your right and I will make every effort with you to meet your needs.

I regard my promise toward implementation of projects in Shamakhi as my duty, committment, and honor. It is not a lie but a real pledge that I make.


Pre-election platform of the candidate Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan from Shamakhi Constituency number 85

Duty, Obligation, Honor, Country. These four holy words dictate the purpose and will of politicians. To me these notions mean undividable one phenomenon: when there is a despondence to restore it; when there is a narrow way to justify it; and when there is hopelessness to awake it.

Maybe, because of my unsatisfactory oratory skill and poetic imagination I could not express all meaning of these. Those who do not believe what I am speaking about they will tell that these are just words, kind of slogan, and simply bright phrases. Every pedant, every demagogue, every pessimist, every slanderer, every hypocrite, every provocateur and others in that kind of character will try to decrease the importance of these words with the ironic and mockery manner.



Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac

Brief information on life and activity of the candidate


standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan from Shamakhi Constituency number 85


Suleymanov Elkhan Siraj was born in Hajali of Goychay region in 1940. He graduated a seven-year education and afterwards he was enrolled the program of primary school teacher of Pedogogical College of Goychay region. He graduated the program in 1958. He continued his education in the cultural-education program of the Institute of Azerbaijan State Theatre in 1961-1966. Elkhan Suleymanov was engaged in teaching while studying in the institute, and worked as a teacher in the secondary schools number 7 and 25.