The Address of the candidate Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac to the electorate from Shamakhi Constituency number 85 standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dear electorate,

I extend my request to pay a dicreet attention to my address with regard to the future of Shamakhi region which concerns all of us. We all know that there are problems in Shamakhi and they should be urgently tackled. Once you demand solution of these problems, you simply demand your own right. It is your right and I will make every effort with you to meet your needs.

I regard my promise toward implementation of projects in Shamakhi as my duty, committment, and honor. It is not a lie but a real pledge that I make.

 Dear electorate! It is very unlikely to deal with crucial problems in the region without any financial resources. I pledge to mobilize my resources in order to find financial resources.

Problems related to drinking water, electricity, road and sewerage system should be tackled. It is a minimal welfare of a human in the XXI century. I will endeavor to raise issues concerned in relevant institutions with regard to a five-year plan on issues in Shamakhi once I get elected to Milli Mejlis (Parliament).

One of my prime objectives is opening new working places in Shamakhi. I will make every effort to involve local and foreign investments.

Indeed, I will be with you once you encounter any difficulty.

I stand for Milli Mejlis in order to improve well-being of people and actively participate in the development of Shamakhi. Your vote in November 7 is of paramount importance in terms of electing me as your representative in Milli Mejlis and of realizing your wishes. If you are interested in the development of Shamakhi, don’t hesitate, cast your vote to Elkhan Suleymanov in November 7. Because I can bring a better solution to the region, and I will do it for you.

Let’s not hesitate! I am the only candidate in building a bright future of Shamakhi, the center of Shirvan. Let’s build Shamakhi for the XXI century. Let’s realize our wishes on Shamakhi.

I am one of you, and I share your joy and sadness. I am always at your disposal.