To Mr. Martin Schulz, The President of the European Parliament

 To Mr. Martin Schulz,

The President of the European Parliament

Dear Mr. President,

After the presidential elections held on February 18, 2013 in Armenia, which is an occupier state having been evaluated as “democratic elections” by the European Parliament from the point of view of the International observation missions, as well as democracy, human rights and the highest level of law, I sent you a letter dated of May 2, 2013. In this letter I mentioned once more that there were resolutions of the UN Safety Council, European Parliament, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe criticizing the occupation of the Azerbaijan lands by Armenia and requiring liberation of the occupied Azerbaijan territories unconditionally and asked you to reply the question on criteria of calling democratic the elections held in the occupier state and some other questions.

However, I was really shocked at your reply letter dated of 11.07.2013. Thus, the letter obviously stated that, You haven’t personally read and got acquainted with the contents of the letter I sent You. Therefore, I would like to inform You about the followings besides consulting to read this letter once more.

You haven’t paid any attention to keeping the lands of Azerbaijan, a member of the Council of Europe, within the period about 25 years by Armenia, a state being a member of the Council of Europe and Euronest PA, to the execution of resolutions regarding with the occupation and obviously beware from applying sanctions.   Presidential elections held in Armenia, which is an occupier state, are being evaluated democratic by your official observation mission consisting of 5 people and you support this evaluation. However, though the elections held in Azerbaijan, underwent occupation, have been positively evaluated by the observation mission of the European Parliament governed by youconsisting of 7 people covering all political fractions excluding the adults, showing impartiality and impatience, do you immediately come to a decision aiming at casting a shadow on results of the elections even by causing serious detriment to the influence of your own observation mission?!

As if reflecting a claim on “not meeting OSCE standards” of recent elections held in Azerbaijan in Paragraph 32 of the Resolution dated of October 23 on Neighborhood Policy adopted by you is not anything but convincingness and disrespect of the European Parliament to its observation mission. Thus the European Parliament steps to the threat of turning into the body, which fulfills injustice and orders of Human Rights, Freedom and Unity House.    

Armenia has occupied the Azerbaijan lands making an armed aggression about 25 years. I consider Paragraph 32 of the Resolution dated of October 23 made by the organization governed by you to be a political aggression against Azerbaijan.

Your attemptsof presenting Azerbaijan as the authoritarian country aim at forming negative image of the country in the international world by serves to keep under occupation the lands seized by Armenia and forcing Azerbaijan to refuse from the occupied lands with slander and aspersions. 

I would like to ask you to put an end to all these and cease political encroachment against Azerbaijan.



Head of the Azerbaijan delegation in the EuroNest PA



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