Member of Parliament from Shemakha – First Year



Dear voters,

I am proud of representing Shamakhi in parliament – a land of poets with ancient history, rich culture, fascinating nature, fertile soil, hard-working and wise people.

I speak on behalf of you in Baku. I am indebted to you for the privilege to speak loudly and clearly on your behalf. Consequently, as the parliamentarian from Shamakhi, I consider it my duty to familiarize you with my one-year performance in the Milli Maclis. My activity are evident and up to your judgment. You are the only criteria to assess my performance as a parliamentarian and your evaluation is decisive for me.

Over the year, I have been trying to be with you, get informed of and understand your problems, be conducive to improvement of people’s welfare and play a role in improving the public service. I gained great experience from direct contacts with you. However, it is impossible to solve your problems and those of Shamakhi within a year as they have amassed for over many years.

Dear voters,

Politics is the art of possibilities. During my election campaign, I promised you to do my utmost for the resolution of problems in public service and for the improvement of people’s welfare in the 21st century. Most of you are aware that I did my best to solve them. What have been achieved is reflected in this book. However, Shamakhi is not the only issue to be dealt with by our beloved state – the Republic of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, indifference and carelessness of relevant bodies often prevented us from solving a number of your pressing problems. However, we should not lose our hopes and look forward to as life goes on and I am fully loyal to my goal of serving you.

The priority of parliamentarians in all developed countries is to serve their voters. I will also continue my activities in 2012 in order to work harder and be more effective for you. I am always with you.

With kindest regards,

MP Elxan Suleymanov of Shamakhi.




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