Meeting in the village of Baghirly (11th meeting with the electorates at the 11th day of propaganda campaign)

On October 25, candidate Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) from Shamakhi Constituency number 85 met with the electorates of the villages of Baghirly, Chol Goyler, Ovchuly and Hadjigadarly in the cultural house of Baghirly.

Announcer of meeting was Islam Bakhshiev, candidate Suleymanov’s advocate.

Elkhan Suleymanov made a wide speech at the meeting. Candidate’s speech was met by applauses.

Sheikh Abdul Mahmudbeyov and Anvar Gafarly, famous journalist and human rights defender also had a speech at the event.

Local inhabitants spoke about their problems. They told that they would vote for candidate Suleymanov at the elections.

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