A meeting was held in Goyler village with the electorates of nearby villages

A meeting was held in Goyler village with the electorates of nearby villagesCandidate Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan from Shamakhi Constituency number 85 met with his electorates by participation of inhabitants of the villages of Goyler, Dagh Baghirly, I Chaily, Gushchu and Lalezar at 1500-1700 in October 18. In parallel with the candidate his authorized representative, his advocates and other members of his electoral staff took part at the meeting which was held at the cultural house of Goyler village by participation of electorates more than 400. Concert program was organised by participation of the local cultural men in the first half of two-part meeting. The electorates met with the candidate and his advocates in the second half of the meeting.

Welcoming the participant with the opening note Islam Bakhshiev stated his thankfulness to the electorates for their active participation at the meeting. Then Mr. Bakhshiev shortly informed the participants about the candidate Elkhan Suleymanov and gave the word to the candidate for speech.

First in his speech Mr. Suleymanov stated his gladness of seeing the electorates’ great attention to the meeting and active participation in the process hoping to see the same activeness in election day. The candidate told that he was aware of the principal problems of the villages of Goyler, Dagh Baghirly, I Chaily, Gushchu and Lalezar and knew what were the demands of the inhabitants of these villages: “In fact, the problems that you demands to be resolved are the minimum conditions of normal life standards. Your demands are just the little desires, not the dreams that could not be realized forever. It is unacceptable case that in XXI century, you and other inhabitants of Shamakhi are still talking about and suffering from the problems such as perforated water-pipes, unfinished gas-pipes, broken electric-poles, lack of canalisation tubes and so on”. Mr. Sukeymanov also talked about his future plans for to resolve the problems such as water-pipes, gas-pipes, electric-poles and canalisation tubes in Shamakhi and its villages, as well as Goyler, Dagh Baghirly, I Chaily, Gushchu and Lalezar villages. Then Elkhan Suleymanov paid a special attention to the problem of unemployment which is the most important social problem of all over Shamakhi and these villages as well. The candidate informed the electorates about his plans to overcome this problem and told that Shamakhi had enough potential to realize such kinds of plans in order to eliminate the problem of unemployment: “In the period of Azerbaijan SSR Shamakhi was distinguished not only in our native country, but in all over Union for its vine-growing and wine-making. Today, this potential of Shamakhi district is not being used. I am going to fight against the problem of unemployment by taking my basis from this potential and interest of local and international investors for vine-growing and wine-making. I am sure that we are going to realize these plans by taking your supports also”.

After the candidate his advocates Sheikh Abdul Mahmudbeiov, Nadir Abdullayev, Afer Afandiev, Adil Minbashiev gave speech and informed the participants about the candidate, his life, cultural works done by him, his activities in socio-political spheres and his philanthropy.

Then the electorates took the word for speech and told their opinions, demands and suggestions to the candidate. First of all, Mr. Atakhan, teacher and inhabitant of the village of Goyler told that they believed in the candidate Suleymanov, but they would have great expectations from him. After teacher Atakhan, some respectful villagers spoke and told their demands and suggestions to the candidate. Finally, a woman from Goyler village said her opinions about the candidate and made her suggestions and demands to him. At the end of the meeting, some of the electorates handed to the candidate their suggestions and demands that they want him to realize in case of being elected a deputy.

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