The conference on the subject of “Azerbaijan in the XXI century. Building confidence between Azerbaijan and Andorra” was held in Andorra

On December 13-14, Azerbaijani Delegation consisting of the members of Milli Majlis (National Parliament) of the Azerbaijan Republic and representatives of Azerbaijani Government paid an official visit to Andorra La Vella, capital of the Principality of Andorra. On December 14, the conference on the subject of “Azerbaijan in the XXI century. Building confidence between Azerbaijan and Andorra” was held in the building of General Council, high legislative authority of Andorra.

The conference on the subject of “Azerbaijan in the XXI century. Building confidence between Azerbaijan and Andorra” was held in Andorra



Mr. Ali Hasanov, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of State Committee on Deals of Refugees and Internally Displaced People, Ms. Sevinj Hasanova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, MPs Mr. Gudrat Hasanguliyev, Mr. Fazil Mustafa, Mr. Faraj Guliyev, Mr. Zahid Oruj, Mr. Jeyhun Osmanli, and Mr. Ayaz Orujov, as well as Ms. Ulviyya Abdullayeva, Editor-in-Chief of “Parliament” journal, and Mr. Altay Afandiyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Spain participated in the event, which was held with the initiative and organizational support of Mr. Elkhan Suleymanov, MP from Shamakhi and Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA.


The Principality of Andorra was represented in the conference by Members of Andorran Parliament, representatives of Andorra Government and Chamber of Trade, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations, civil society and country media.


The event was opened by Mr. Vicenç Mateu Zamora, President of the General Council of Andorra. He stressed that Azerbaijan was an important country for Andorra; Andorra followed attentively the achievements of Azerbaijan and was interested in the development of bilateral relations. The President of the General Council of Andorra brought to the notice of the conference participants that the Republic of Azerbaijan was elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and was the object of interest of European companies as a country with huge economic potential. The President of Andorran Parliament spoke comprehensively about Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Finally, he expressed his confidence that this visit will serve to strengthening of Andorran-Azerbaijan relationships.


Elkhan Suleymanov, Member of Parliament from Shamakhi, thanked the conference organizers and participants on behalf of the Azerbaijani Delegation and expressed his confidence that this visit will be the beginning of a new stage in Andorran-Azerbaijan relations and will stimulate the formation and future development of mutual relations between the two countries.


The Azerbaijani MP stressed that Andorra is the member of influential organizations, such as UN, Council of Europe and presides at the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe for next six months since November of 2012. He noted that it is of particular importance for Azerbaijan to benefit from Andorran practice and cooperation relations within international organizations in the spheres of enlargement of democracy and establishment of relevant institutions.


In his speech, Elkhan Suleymanov highlighted that Nagorno Karabakh problem is not a conflict, but an armed aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan. Armenia waged a war against Azerbaijan and the territories of Azerbaijan were occupied. Armenia is an aggressor and Azerbaijan is the one exposed to aggression. The Member of Parliament stated that struggle against the aggressor means to serve the mankind and humanity. This war resulted in great moral and material damage to Azerbaijani nation. All human and civil rights of about one million people were violated. The Member of Parliament noted that he had studied the amount of material damage to Azerbaijan in the result of the war for a long time. These studies are reflected in the book published recently in the USA. The studies show that according to the calculations for early 2011, the amount of material damage to Azerbaijan in the result of war is more than 431 500 000 000 US dollars (four hundred thirty one billion and five hundred million).


Stating the fact that none of the resolutions regarding the problem adopted by international organizations were implemented, the MP regretted that some politicians, MPs and officials periodically and obviously ignore this issue.


As an example, the MP brought to the attention the letter he received from Mr. Martin Schulz, President of European Parliament. He stated that Mr. Martin Schulz charged aggressor Armenia and Azerbaijan, subject to aggression, with the responsibility of the solution of conflict and thus, once more confirmed the indifference of international organizations, also that of the European Parliament to this issue.


Moreover, the MP gave information about inactivity of PACE Subcommittee on Nagorno-Karabakh. He stressed that this institution was established in 2005 and since then the Armenian side had been boycotting activities of this Committee. It means that Armenia ignores his obligations undertaken before the Council of Europe, but CoE remains silent.


Moreover, Elkhan Suleymanov noted that there is only one reason of the fact that some forces in the Council of Europe take an anti-Azerbaijani position, present Azerbaijan as an anti-democratic country which grossly violates human rights, and attempt to damage the international image of our country through various means and to make pressure on it: the purpose is to achieve that massive and gross violation of rights of about 1 million Azerbaijani people by Armenia, presence of refugees and internally displaced people for almost 20 years, their rights to return their homelands and live safely remain beyond the attention of international community.


The MP is assured that during the chairmanship of Mr. Gilbert Saboya, Foreign Minister of Andorra, in the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe, he will achieve to stop discrimination in this institution against any member state, as well as Azerbaijan, will show objective stance regarding the issues under discussion, also will use his status for the implementation of resolutions adopted by international organizations against the aggressor state.


Finally, Elkhan Suleymanov expressed his deep gratitude on behalf of Azerbaijani people to the Andorran side for the organization of discussions on deplorable situation of Nagorno-Karabakh and our occupied territories and voiced his hope that the hearings in General Council of Andorra would contribute to the adoption of an impartial and fair document which confirms the fact of occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding regions and supports Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.


Then an audio-visual article “Displaced Azerbaijanis, victims of a conflict…Nagorno-Karabakh” prepared by EuroNews in 2011 was demonstrated.


Mr. Ali Hasanov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan expressed his gratitude to the conference organizers on behalf of Azerbaijani Government and delivered detailed speech on the history of Azerbaijan, situation of refugees and IDPs and their problems.


Ms. Sevinj Hasanova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development spoke about economical state of Azerbaijan. She noted that Azerbaijan had become an economically dynamic country of the region in the early XXI century.


At the end, conference participants exchanged views on the basis of multiple questions with the participation of Azerbaijani parliamentarians.


MPs spoke about state care towards refugees and IDPs and however, underlined the importance of urgent restoration of their rights to return their homelands.


The conference ended with these discussions. 


During the visit to Andorra, the members of Azerbaijani Delegation were received by Mr. Vicenç Mateu Zamora, President of the General Council of Andorra, Mr. Jordi Alcobé Font, Minister of Economy and Territory, and Mr. Francesc Camp Torres, Minister of Tourism and Environment. The Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, the situation in Nagorno Karabakh and its surroundings, as well as the aspects of strengthening the economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Andorra and international energy security were among the topics discussed.

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