Meeting with the electorate of Mirikend village in October 17

The candidate Elkhan Suleymanov standing for the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan from Shamakhi Constituency number 85 held a meeting with the electorate of Mirikend, Garaveli, Maljak, Meysery, Gurdtepe, Muganli, Shirvan, Sagiyan and Sharadil villages.  Along with the candidate himself his advocate, special representatives, and member of electoral headquarters attended he meeting in the cultural center of Mirikend village. After the concert the candidate met the electorate.In the ceremony where many electorate participated, Islam Bakhshiyev, who is the advocate of the candidate and director of the secondary school number 2 of Shamakhi city made a speech on the protocol of the meeting. Subsequently, the floor was given to the candidate Elkhan Suleymanov according to the protocol. Mr. Suleymanov began is speech with pride on Shamakhi, which is a historical place and holds an indispensable place in the statehood of Azerbaijan. Afterwards, Mr. Suleymanov devoted his speech to the existing problems of Shamakhi refering to well-known poet Sabir. The candidate stated that the problems of Shamakhi do not necessarily coincide with the XXI century, and thus their removal is does not require much. These requirements do merely indicate welfare of the people. Mr. Suleymanov informed that the survey was conducted in the region in order to study existing  problems. Afterwards, the candidate put forward his certain plan on their elimination. Elkhan Suleymanov comparatively analysed the existing problems of the region by providing statistical indicators of Shamakhi in the field of agriculture and industry during the Soviet period.    Later, he informed the electorate of his plans on the elimination of problems in the short and long run. Moreover, the candidate called the youth to engage in education, and emphasied that lack of interest to education bring about problems not only in our country, but also in the world. Mr. Suleymanov concluded his speech by asking the electorate to actively participate in the upcoming elections.

After the candidate’s speech his advocates, well-known producer Sheykh Abdul Mahmudbeyov and Doctor of medical science, prof. Afar Afandiyev made speeches. Afterwards, Azizaga from Mirikend village took the floor and talked about the problems, notably those that deal with education.


In addition, chairperson of Garavelli municipality, Haci Zohrab, Habil from Sharadil village and other participants talked about the existing problems and put forward their own proposals.

 In the end, Elkhan Suleymanov extended his gratitude to the electorate for their attention and care, and called them on actively participating in the forthcoming elections.

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