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Head of short-term observation mission: OSCE/ODIHR report on elections in Azerbaijan doesn’t reflect views of OSCE PA, PACE and European Parliament observers

The autumn session of OSCE PA started Sunday in Montenegrin city of Budva.

According to head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, Elkhan Suleymanov, a meeting of Standing Committee of the OSCE PA was held on the first working day of the session.

Special coordinator and head of the OSCE short-term observation mission Michel Voisin made a report during the meeting.


“Sketches on Baku” photo-album has been published

New edition of the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) “Sketches on Baku” photo-album has been published. This is a renewed and improved edition of the “20 sketches on Baku” photo album, which was published two years ago. That photo-album which was devoted to the 20th anniversary of the independence of Azerbaijan Republic and attracted attention of readers and guests of our city was highly appreciated by professionals. So that the book was awarded with the main prize of the First National Book Art Competition devoted to the 90th anniversary of National Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. Rareness of the book created necessity for republication of the photo album.


Publication of the Heydar Aliyev Heritage Research Center “Azerbaijani States in History” was published in a pocket format in English.

 “Azerbaijani States in History” books, which previously published in Azerbaijani, English, Armenian, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Moldavian languages with initiation of the President of ACSDA, MP Elkhan Suleymanov, were distributed among the participants of Euronest Parliament Assembly session held in Baku. In the book, besides the brief information about the historical Azerbaijani states, maps of those states also were inserted.  Regarding the great interest of readers toward the book, it has been published for the second time in Azerbaijani and English languages.


Composition of European Parliament`s election observation mission to Azerbaijan revealed

The composition of European Parliament’s election observation mission to Azerbaijan has been revealed, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA Elkhan Suleymanov told APA. 


Elkhan Suleymanov: “We want to draw the attention of the world community to dangerous condition of Sarsang reservoir”

“We call on immediate action from the international community to prevent any scenarios of military diversion and to be prepared for any accident or natural disaster which will provoke massive human causalities under the current circumstances”


Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. The interview of Elkhan Suleymanov, MP from Shamakhi and President of the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan, the organization which realizes large-scale

 project aiming at preventing a possible humanitarian catastrophe in Sarsang water reservoir to APA


MP Elkhan Suleymanov issues statement on the eve of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Brussels

 Elkhan Suleymanov, Member of Parliament, Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA and President of the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan has issued a statement on the letter dated June 18, 2013 by Human Rights Watch addressed to the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso on the eve of the visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Brussels,APA reports.


The statement says: “The development of non-objective and biased appeals and their delivery to different addresses with special zeal has recently become common by the international non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the European Stability Initiative on the eve of important events related to Azerbaijan. The main purpose of these appeals was to discredit Azerbaijan and to damage its international image. 


Azerbaijan Warns the Human Cost of Armenian Occupation Could Dwarf the Emerging Environmental Disaster

The materials are being published in world media regarding international conference “Geopolitcs of Azerbaijan and Energy Security of Europe” in Vienna on 10th June of this year. According to the information provided by the office of Mr. Elkhan Suleymanov, Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA and MP from Shamakhi, the following material was placed on 341 online websites in English, German and French.


Elkhan Suleymanov: “Nagorno Karabakh is not a conflict, this is military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan”

According to the information we received yesterday from headquarters of Shamakhi region MP Elkhan Suleymanov, the International Conference “Geopolitics of Azerbaijan and Energy Security in Europe” organized by the magazine “Industrie Magazin Verlag” was held in Vienna, Austria on 10th June 2013. Alfred Gusenbauer, the former Chancellor of Austria and Elkhan Suleymanov, Head of Azerbaijani delegation to the Euronest PA and MP of the Shamakhi region were the moderators of the conference, APA reports.


Foreign mass media services give information on “Sarsang water dam” which is under occupation

The eleventh Annual Conference of Parliament Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund which was organised by the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan is still on the focus of world media.


APA reports that 306 foreign mass media servises like Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, Boston Globe, Business Journal, Yahoo!, Deutsche Presse Agentur, Austria Presse Agentur, Finanz Nachrichten published in the English, German and French languages covered the event in which the 235 people from 74 countries of the world took place.


Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to Euronest PA sends letter to leaders of European structures

Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to Euronest PA Elkhan Suleymanov has sent a letter to the President of the European Parliament, European Commission, Foreign Ministers of EU Member States, Co-Presidents of the Euronest PA, All members of European Parliament and Euronest PA, Suleymanov’s office told APA.


The letter says:


“Despite several election violations, the international observation missions evaluated the presidential elections held on February 18th 2013 in the aggressor state Armenia as “democratic elections” in the light of democracy, human rights and rule of law. All this despite the fact that the country in question has been occupying the territory of Azerbaijan for almost 25 years, condones the daily violation of basic human rights of all citizens who are or should be resident in the occupied territories, and with its general behavior, denial of the crime of genocide in Khojaly, February 1992, and outright disregard for democratic values is in blatant breach of most of the principles and values of both the European Union and Council of Europe.”