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Anti-Azerbaijani forces extend their campaign against our country

Anti-Azerbaijani forces extend their campaign against our countryOn the eve of May 14th when Azerbaijan will take over the chairmanship to the Committee of Ministers, high-level body of the Council of Europe, the campaigns of several traditional anti-Azerbaijani organizations against our country extended. As usual, European Stability Initiative, Freedom House, Human Rights Watch and others among these organizations are particularly distinguished.


Indeed, these organizations hadn’t stopped their biased campaign against Azerbaijan; this campaign has dynamically strengthened since a few months and reached its peak on the eve of the visit of French President François Hollande and CoE Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland to our country and Azerbaijan’s forthcoming chairmanship in the Committee of Ministers on May 14th.


MP from Shamakhi Elkhan Suleymanov congratulated veterans of the World War II


The problem on Sarsang should be considered as a part of ethnic cleansing policy launched by Armenians in 1905

The problem on Sarsang should be considered as a part of ethnic cleansing policy launched by Armenians in 1905The Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) dedicated its activity to ensuring national interests of Azerbaijani state and people and realized a lot of projects in this sphere.


In this regard, one of the ACSDA’s priorities is to deliver to the world community the truths regarding Armenians’ systemic and constant genocide crimes against Azerbaijani people, Armenian armed aggression against our country, ethnic cleansing policy against our nation in the occupied territories, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.


Actual international view as a result of the occupation of Azerbaijani territories

Actual international view as a result of the occupation of Azerbaijani territories1. Armed aggression and occupation by Armenia inflicted serious material and moral damage.


20 percent of Azerbaijani territory including Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 surrounding provinces has been under Armenian occupation for about 25 years. As a result of forced migration and ethnic cleansing policies of Armenia, over a million Azerbaijani citizens became IDPs and refugees, facing grave human rights violations. Social and economic infrastructure of Azerbaijan in the occupied territories became destructed, thus resulting in serious social, economic and environmental losses. The damaged incurred on cultural and historical heritage in the occupied territories cannot be measured in monetary terms.


Press-tour dedicated to March 31, Day of the Genocide of Azerbaijanis


Elkhan Suleymanov called on USA officials to give the same level of support to Azerbaijan as it is the case for Ukraine

Mr. Elkhan Suleymanov, Chairman of the Azerbaijan Delegation to the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly and Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, addressed a letter to Mr. Joe Biden, USA Vice-President and Mr. John Boehner, Speaker of House of Representatives. The copy of the address was sent to Mr. Ed Royce, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Ms. Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats, and Mr. Richard L. Morningstar, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Appeal to the presidents

To His Excellency

Jose Manuel Barroso

President of the European Commission


Mr. Herman Van Rompuy

President of the European Council


Mr. Martin Schulz

President of the European Parliament


Ms. Anne Brasseur

President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe


Mr. Thorbyorn Jagland

Secretary-General of the Council of Europe


Mr. Borys Tarasyuk and Mr. Yevgeni Kirilov

Co-Presidents of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly


Copy to:


Ms. Catherine Ashton

High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy


Mr. Stefan Füle

European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy


All members of European Parliament, Council of Europe, Euronest Parliamentary Assembly


Dear Presidents,


            I am writing to you in order to address the grave situation on-going in the Republic of Ukraine. As I monitor the events unfolding around the Ukrainian crisis closely, I note strong discrepancies in the behavior of the European Union related to such illegal attacks against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries in the Eastern Partnership of the EU.


Somenotes regardinghearingsin Advisory Committee of the European Parliament on February 11, 2014

On February 10, 2014, a number of mass media means of Azerbaijan spread information that the European Parliament will punish 7 MEPs, who observed Presidential elections in Azerbaijan on 9thOctober.The information stated that on February 11, cases of PinoArlacchi, Head of Election Observation Mission of European Parliament, as well as of mission’s members FilipKaczmarek, Yoachim Zeller, YevgenyKirilov, Norica Nicolai, Milan Cabrnoch, Fiorello Provera will be considered and they will face the sanctions of Advisory Committee.


I would like to tell that Advisory Committee functions since the adoption of Code of Conduct of EP Members in January of 2012.


The eldest resident of Shamakhi, 113 years old Narinj mother has passed away.

Narinji mother, who was born in 1900, has been attending good and bad days in Avakhil village, where she was born, until the last days of her life. That is why she was not only an old mother of a single kin, but all the land. In 2010, during the parliamentary elections I had a chance to know her more closely. Within a short period we became like mother and son. I will preserve this love till the end of my life.

I condole to all the residents of Shamakhi and Avakhil village, and all the relatives with the death of Narinj mother. God bless her!

Elkhan Suleymanov, MP from Shamakhi


Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA issues statement and leaves Bureau meeting

Elkhan Suleymanov: “We resolutely refuse the Article 32 of the resolution by the European Parliament regarding Presidential elections in Azerbaijan”


Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Attending bureau meeting of the Euronest Parliamentary Assemblyin Kiev, Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA Elkhan Suleymanov issued a statement and left Bureau meeting as a protest to the Article 32 of the resolution by European Parliament, Suleymanov’s office told APA.