A meeting was held in Shahriyar settlement with the electorates of nearby villages

A meeting was held in Shahriyar settlement with the electorates of nearby villagesCandidate Suleymanov Elkhan Sirac standing for Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan from Shamakhi Constituency number 85 met with his electorates by participation of inhabitants of the settlement of Shahriyar and Madrasa, villages of Kalakhana and Kerkenj at 1100-1230 in October 19. In parallel with the candidate his authorized representative, his advocates and other members of his electoral staff took part at the meeting which was held at the administrative building of Shahriyar municipality by participation of hundreds of electorates. Concert program was organised by participation of the local cultural men in the first half of two-part meeting. The electorates met with the candidate and his advocates in the second half of the meeting.

Rafael Taghiev, candidate Suleymanov’s advocate, senior advisor of the culture and tourism department of Shamakhi welcomed the meeting with opening speech. Mr. Taghiev presented the candidate to the electorates and gave the tribune to him. In his speech, Elkhan Suleymanov initially touched upon the problems that were general for all over Shamakhi, then focused on general problems of inhabitants of the villages of the settlement of Shahriyar and Madrasa, villages of Kalakhana and Kerkenj. The candidate told that he was already aware of the problems and difficulties of the villages and came to the meeting with concrete plans to resolve these problems and difficulties: “I am aware of the problems and difficulties that you are meeting with and suffering from in your daily activities. And I know that such kind of problems and difficulties are not adequate even to the minimum level of today’s life standards.
That is why I am here with you and it is a great honour for me to be with you in fighting toward a common target and aim. Shamakhi has so great potential and it is enough to establish a system of restarting of this potential to overcome problems, to eliminate problems such as natural gas, water, electricity, canalisation problems which are far from being fit for Shamakhi of XXI century”. At the conclusion of his speech, candidate Suleymanov kindly requested the electorates to be always active, not to ignore the events and processes around themselves.

After the candidate his advocates had speech and informed the participants about the candidate, his life, and cultural works done by him, his activities in socio-political spheres and his philanthropy.

Electorates spoke after the advocates. One woman among the participants, on the name of electorates of settlements and villages stated her satisfaction concerning the words that the candidate told about the potential of Shamakhi. She repeated that it is a time to activate this potential. She added they believed in the candidate Elkhan Suleymanov and this believe would be justified. Another electorate said the people of Shamakhi were active and would engage the process more actively, be more claimants to their deputy and vote for Elkhan Suleymanov. Other electorates who had speech told the similar thoughts.

At the end of the meeting Elkhan Suleymanov stated once again his gratefulness to the electorates for their warm attitude and confidence. He promised to do his best in order to justify the confidence of the people.

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